Why did we start Rainbow Accommodation?

Trusted Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ Guests and their friends.

Why did we start Rainbow Accommodation?

Rainbow Accommodation was founded in May 2022 by the proprietors of the Newholme Hotel, Selenite Guest House and Sunny Dees Apartments to promote safe and welcoming accommodation in Blackpool.

We believed there was a lack of positive promotion of LGBTQ+ accommodation in Blackpool. We believe that this site will enable us to do just that.

We believe that a property may be listed if it is:


  • LGBTQ+ Owned or Run

  • Owned by someone that is known to be LGBTQ+ friendly

  • Managed by someone that is LGBTQ+

We believe that not listing Straight owned businesses that are LGBTQ+ friendly is discrimination.

We know that discrimination still exists in the 2020’s and there is no place for it.

In addition, we have set out a membership criteria, which means that only people that are running their business in a Clean, Safe & Legal manner may be listed. We have done this so that we do not promote any property that may be unsafe or not complying with current regulations.


There is no mandatory requirement for Inspection or Assessment, this has meant that there are many properties trading that may not have the correct level or type of insurance, that may not have a working or serviced fire alarm or fire extinguishers. We require all properties listed to be either a member of VisitBritain, StayBlackpool or to have had an assessment by either BlackpoolApproved or by ourselves.

We have set up the site in such a way that you can look for a place to stay that suits your needs, why not look at our categories page, where you can find somewhere that suits your needs. If you think of a category we have missed, please let us know.

We know that not all of the Categories have listings, as the site grows, we know that this will change.