Trusted Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ Guests and their friends.

All properties listed on this website have either an accreditation (as a star rating or Blackpool Approved) or have been visited by a member of the Rainbow Accommodation team.

The accreditation process checks that all properties are Clean, Safe & Legal.

To do this, we check that each property can provide the following information:

  • Fire Alarm Service Certificates for the last 12 months

  • Fire Extinguisher Service Certificate

  • Emergency Lights Service Certificate

  • Gas Safety Certificate (if supplied by gas)

  • Electrical Safety Certificate

  • Site has a Fire Safety Policy and Risk Assessment

  • Site has the correct type of Insurance cover (for commercial use)

  • Relevant licences (TV, Music, Alcohol etc)

  • Business has an understanding of Data Protection

In addition to the above documents, we also check that the property has:

  • Clearly visible signage that shows the emergency exit route

  • That the exit route is clear of clutter and mis placed furniture

  • Fire exits are not obstructed

Click here to download our MembershipAssessmentDocument.pdf